Interaction & Experience Designer



I am a NYC-based Interaction & Experience Designer, whose superpower is the ability to think in visual, digital, physical and spatial terms.

Having majored in Industrial Design in college (RISD), I have a deep understanding of the human-centered design approach. Studying Design and Technology in graduate school (Parsons) has given me the conceptual framework to think critically and to design for the future. I am fascinated by the intersection of people, design and technology.

Growing up in seven different countries has been another major influence on me as a designer. I am a cultural nomad with a keen insight into culture and diversity. This has taught me the importance of contexts, and it helps me design with an open and empathetic mind. I strive to make people's lives more enriching and seamless through design. 


(On a side note, I am a sloth enthusiast and a cat lover.)