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Learning Spaces Video Exhibit

Learning Spaces Video Exhibit

Learning Spaces was an exhibition that showcased five short documentaries produced by EdLab Studios, which explored the relationship between physical contexts and learning possibilities. The exhibit was on display March through April 2015 in the lobby area of the Gottesman Libraries at Teachers College. It was created in collaboration with Gonzalo Obelleiro, Min Sung Kwak and Veronica Black.

Photos by Diana Diroy

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Originally, we had envisioned a large L-shaped display stand, which would have one continuous surface with five iPads embedded across it. However, due to physical constraints of the space, we decided to build five individual display kiosks instead. In the end, this approach worked out better, as it allowed us to highlight the unique aspect of each film’s subject.

The documentary series features five distinct learning environments, ranging from the Grand Canyon to a school in Bali made of bamboo. We picked scenes from each film that we felt best represented the physical/contextual environment, and used them to create visuals for the display kiosks.

My main contributions to this project were: visual design, physical design and construction of the display kiosks, and overall production.

The documentaries can be viewed here: EMPAC, Franklin Institute, Grand Canyon, Green School and Journey School