Interaction & Experience Designer

Exhibition Design: Online Learning is in the Air

Online Learning is in the Air

This was a spatial design project I did at EdLab for a Teachers College Board of Trustees event, which was held at the Smith Learning Theater. The project was done in collaboration with the EdLab Design and Services Teams.

As the theme of the event was online learning, we designed an exhibition to showcase EdLab and Teachers College's work in the field. The exhibit comprised three elements: the hanging "cloud" of news headlines about distance learning, a slideshow of relevant quotes, and examples of online learning tools developed by staff and alumni of the college. The goal was to create an exciting and informative environment for the event participants.


My main responsibilities in this project were:

  • Researching and curating a selection of headlines and quotes from EdLab’s recent publications on the topic of online learning;

  • Preparing files for production, laser cutting the headlines using cardboard, and installing the headlines in the Learning Theater;

  • Creating the slideshow of quotes, which was projected on the wall.

The headlines and quotes were pulled from the New Learning Times, which is an online publication by EdLab focused on news in the education sector.