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Raised Painting

Raised Painting

Raised Painting is an interactive puzzle designed for partially sighted or blind individuals. It provides a playful and educational experience and helps the user develop a deeper engagement with the artwork. 

This project was done in collaboration with Sarah WeverMelanie Bossert and Rachel Darmody, and mentored by Don Undeen and Rebecca McGinnis at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The project was featured in Time Out New York in January 2014. 


There are four key components in Raised Painting: the raised outline, the textured surface, the speaker and the puzzle pieces. 

The raised outline and the textured surface help the users orient themselves and learn about the artwork's composition, colors, and other literal visual details. 

The puzzle pieces allow the users to explore and discover, and thus engage with further details in the artwork. 

Lastly, the speaker provides a verbal description of the painting and additional information about the artist, historical context and interesting anecdotes. 

Design Process

Gertrude Stein , Pablo Picasso, 1905-6

Gertrude Stein, Pablo Picasso, 1905-6

We chose to work with one of Picasso's paintings Gertrude Stein. We simplified the visual information and experimented with texture and material to create an engaging and tactile experience for the user.