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Logo Design: Smith Learning Theater

Smith Learning Theater Logo Design

The Smith Learning Theater is an experimental multimedia space located within the Gottesman Libraries at Teachers College. It is intended for educators, students and researchers to explore different modes of learning. The Design Team at EdLab was tasked to create a logo for the Smith Learning Theater. 

As a Designer at EdLab, I actively participated in the logo design process from beginning to the end. I worked closely with Zoe Logan, the Lead Designer, to iterate and finalize the logo design. 


Process Work

Below are some of the early sketches I made. 


Semifinal Round

As the project progressed, Zoe and I received clearer directions from the director of the library. The box theme and three-dimensionality were received well, so we explored more in that direction. 


Final Round

More refined sketches created by Zoe and myself. The second option from this round caught the eye of the director of the library, and was finalized into what is currently the logo of the Smith Learning Theater.