These are some of the miscellaneous projects I've worked on. 



This was a project done in openFrameworks, in collaboration with Gabriel Gianordoli. The idea is to simulate a relationship between harassers and victims through simple geometric shapes. The program has a simple set of rules: harassers (blue triangles) can attack active victims (pink circles); victims, when attacked enough times, will turn gray and deactivated; harassers cannot attack deactivated victims; and active victims can reactivate the deactivated ones by coming into contact with them. Initially, we expected that all the victims will eventually be deactivated. Interestingly, however, we found out that the system balances itself out over time and the two parties carry on, harassing and fighting back. 


Laundry 101

The inspiration for this short animation came when I really didn't want to do laundry, but really needed fresh clothing. I used T-shirts, cut paper and drawings to create this stop-motion animation.